Sunday, January 7, 2007


H1 has been having a slight fever the past couple of days. Although she has no fever today, decided to keep her from daycare. As you can imagine she is delighted with the arrangement!!

Right now she is driving me insane by asking "Is the school closed?" for the umpteenth time, I guess just to make sure that she is not going to be sent there today.

As the day progresses I am beginning to wonder how I managed to do all the housework while entertaining her without going totally insane.

I am now so glad that we decided to put her in daycare at least for the mornings. It gives me a much needed break after looking after her day in, day out. One thing is certain though, I will not put my self through this should there be another baby. I will then definitely go back to work or I am sure I'll end up having a never ending fever!!

Foot note (added: 08/01/07 - 9.00 a.m.)
After reading this entry H1's paternal grandparents were a bit worried and called to make sure H1 is fine. My husband reasured them that everything is quite alright. I know parents and grandparents all over the world worries a lot when a baby catches a cold or has a fever.

The information in the following links tells you all you need to know about colds and fevers as well as let you know when and when not to worry when your baby is sick.

Caughs, colds and sinus infections


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