Friday, September 21, 2007

A Stinky Poo

Hooty  was a bit under the whether the last few days. She had stomach flu and was throwing up quite a bit. Now she is all better and back at school. But we still have a slight problem from her illness—she has been passing wind like a choo choo train, and believe me they stink to the high heavens! (I’m sure the celestial beings have all donned masks by now!)

Believe me folks, it’s so bad that when ever a slight whiff comes our way, Hubby and I immediately dive for a pillow, cushion or piece of cloth in the vicinity to cover our long suffering noses!

So, while being treated to the highly noxious fumes once again yesterday evening, I was suddenly reminded that her fellow beings at the day care too would have been treated to them generously.

Me: “Did you poo in school too darling?”
N: (With a sly grin on her face) “Yeeeeeeeees”
Me : “Did anybody say anything?”
N: “Nooooo…..Yu-Anne said ‘Oooh who poo pooed?’” (She and I were both giggling by this time.)
Me : “So, did you say it was you?”
N : “Nooooooo…I was too shy!”

So, while saying bye to her this morning, I said a silent prayer for Yu-Anne and all her friends, as Hooty is still going strong being a choo choo train!

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