Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Hooty now has a play-date every Saturday with a neighbor’s grandson, Kevin, who also attends the same daycare as my daughter. He would come over around nine in the morning and call out “Hootyeeeeeee,” and my daughter would rush out, still in her nightdress.

They would play all sorts of games until around 2.00 pm when Hooty has to have her afternoon nap, and Kevin’s father comes over to take him back home. Kevin’s Grandma would come over with his lunch or we would feed him along with Hooty .

With all the playing, there would be occasional fighting too. Mainly initiated by Hooty in a bout of jealousy over sharing her toys. But Kevin is such a gentle fellow, and being five years old and ‘mature’ than Hooty , he would give in most of the time. When Kevin’s grandma hears the commotion, she immediately comes over with a bag of sweets (much to our annoyance ;o) as a way of conflict resolution! We have no way of asking her not to, as she does not speak a word of English and we mainly communicate with grunts and gestures!

I am so thankful for little Kevin for coming over and playing, as it makes it easier for Huuby and myself to do all the housework on Saturday and it keeps Hooty a happy girl!

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