Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dance Baby Dance!

Hooty ’s school had the end-of-year concert last week. Oh boy! Was I exited or what! Armed with a camera and a camcorder, Hubby and I sat on the third row, ready to capture every single moment of our daughter’s first ever public performance.

As I sat there I got misty eyes even thinking about my baby on stage, performing. And then the concert started. It was hilarious! Apart from the utterly unsynchronized movements, there were kids doing all sorts of funny things on stage - some were doing their own thing, some were waving to their parents upon spotting them and some would call out “Hi Mommy!! Hi Daddy!!” (Hooty ’s playmate Kevin even called out “Hi Hooty Daddy, Hi Hooty Mommy!!)

When my daughters class came on stage dancing to the song “Lollipop,” I forgot to feel all maternal and become teary eyed because I was doubled up with laughter looking at the little girl besides Hooty , doing all sorts of things - like looking for glitter on the stage floor and scratching her little bum – than dancing!
Hooty was perfect. She followed all the dance steps so well. (Even a few teachers commented how well Hooty performs and how well she follows instructions). I am mighty proud of my baby, but it was oh so much more fun watching the others!

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