Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Close Shave

A few stories that involves Hooty and Shaving:

Story 1:

This happened when Hubs’s parents were in Singapore a couple of months back. Hub’s father (Hooty ’s Muththa) was in the bathroom shaving.
Hooty looks in and says:
“Muththa, Thaathis (Dads) shave their faces. Ammis (Moms) shave their legs!”
(I’m hoping that Muththa didn’t hear this piece of information ;o)

Story 2:

Hubby was putting on aftershave after a shave.

Hooty : “Thaaththi, why are you putting that on”
Hubby: “Well, it makes my face feel better”
Hooty : “Mmmm.. Thaaththi, you smell like a flower!”
(I am sure this is not what Hubby nor the producer of the aftershave wanted to hear ;o)

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