Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More Chantings

Adding on to my previous entry, here are some other things Hooty wished on us last week while carrying on her chanting. I think she tries to think of the meanest possible thing that can happen to us when we reprimand her! I hope it’s just a phase she is going through!!

“Spiderman will get you!” (Yep, the black and red one)
“Cockroaches will get you!" (Hopefully not the flying kind)
“A Kukuchiyaw* would get you!” (Don’t ask! No idea what kind of creature this is)
“A crocodile will get you!” (Hope it’s like the one in Peter Pan)
“The policeman will get you!” (Hopefully this one would be a cute fella)
“I will throw away all your cloths!” (Ah! And I will feel the breeze while going around!)

Note: (Inserted on 10/10/2007)
* Oh-oh! Just learnt what 'Kukuchiyaw' means from my colleague. Apparently it a word in Chinese (actually a dialect of Mandarin) used to describe the body part Hooty mistook for an elephant!

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