Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here We Go Again

Today in the morning Hubby called me and said that he had a talk with Teacher Vivien about Hooty. The teacher has said that Hooty no longer pinches her friends, but she is still very bossy and rude to them if they don’t do as she pleases.

Oh dear! So we decided that we will praise for the not-pinching part and reward her in some way for it, but make sure to have a talk with her about being bossy and rude. We did ask her several times about how she is doing a few days back
and she always said she doesn't pinch anymore and we did praise her for it. and since the issue seemed settled, we forgot all about it.

Not an hour went by before my hubby calls me again to say that teacher Vivien had called again to say that Hooty’s friend Esther just told her that she pinched her face yesterday!

Poof! So there goes the tiny relieved feeling I had about the not-pinching thing! Back to the drawing board I guess. But apart from us handling this, I don’t think the way the teacher is going about this thing is too great. I feel that she should be able to take control of the whole situation and handle Hooty better.

Maybe Hooty misses having a sibling to vent out all her frustrations at ;o)

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