Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hooty at the Movies

We took Hooty to see Kung Fu Panda yesterday. She has never been to a movie before and we thought she’ll be all excited about it but for her the highlight of the whole experience was undoubtedly the popcorn!

Because she is scared of loud noises (though Hooty is known to generate more noise pollution than most four year olds!), there were instances where she whimpered, “I want to go home..”, especially during fight scenes.

I heard her explaining the whole thing to my mother on the phone as, “It’s a big, giant and very noisy TV.”

Oh well, I guess kids nowadays are so used to all kinds of media, that it really doesn’t impress them anymore. I remember how trilled we were to go to a movie when we were young. We considered it a treat. But maybe, Hooty is too small to really appreciate a big screen and surround sound ;o)

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  1. hi

    i thought that was really cute....the way she described the 'giant screen' :)