Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In Sri Lanka

hoo hooo....we are in Sri Lanka these days...

Went off on a four day trip with Hubby's family and mine to Loolwatte in the Knucles Range. The beauty of the hills around where we stayed is beyond description. I'll post a few pictures here once I get back.

A few interesting remarks of Hooty's:

Hooty after taking a few sniffs of Sri Lankan air:

"Humff...Sri Lanka (is) very smelly!"

Hooty comparing Singapore and Sri Lanka:

"Thaaththi, Singapore (is) not nice. Sri Laka (is) nice.Singapore (is) just buildings, buildings,buildings, buildings buildings, buildings,buildings, buildings.........."

Hooty while trying to 'fly' kites with her cousin:

H: "I don't want to fly the kite. I want to keep it on the ground."
Cuz : "You HAVE to fly a kite.That's why it's called a kite.Otherwise it will be called a 'downer'."
Hooty wanting the last word, "No! This one is called a 'downer kite! So it needs to stay on the ground."

Hooty on Cuz:

H: "I am going to marry Imeth Ayya when I grow up."
Cuz: "Marry? Marry me? ha ha ha....OK"

Hooty on childbirth:

"How did Kiriamma have three kids? Did she go 'pop', 'pop', 'pop' and pop them out?"

There's much more to jot down...but so little time. Will be attending a few weddings in the comming days including my sisters! Hooty will be her flowergirl. Sooooo looking forward to that.


  1. hope you guys have fun in sl.

    i remember my escapades as a flower girl. in those days (or maybe it was just my family) they took the pictures after the wedding so my mother had to go all over the house/hall looking for bits of my outfit that i discarded along the way. i hated the scratchy can-cans they made me wear, the flowers in my hair impaired vision (because it never stayed in place) and the socks and shoes (and even the dress) got in the way of running around :D

  2. LOL! I hope Nethmi won't do a striptease like you. Luckily for us the photo sessions are in the morning. My biggest worry is that she will get on the poruwa and insist on getting married her self!