Wednesday, October 22, 2008

L of a problem!

Hubby took Hooty to work one day and as usual she started asking questions about so many things. As many parents know…some things are hard to explain to a 4 year old!

Hooty: “Thaaththi, what’s your office called?”

Hubby: (trying to get off easily) “Well, the building where I work is called Noel.”

Hooty: “Thaaththi, how do you spell it?”

Hubby: “N…O…E…L”

Hooty: “NO! NO! NO! You said No ‘L’!”

Hubby: “But darling that’s how the word ‘Noel’ is spelled.

Hooty: (Whimpering and mad as ‘L’) “But you said NO ‘L’ so no ‘L’ in the spelling!”

And on and on it went and Hubby finally gave up and thought to ‘L’ with it and said, “OK then, no ‘L’.”

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