Monday, November 10, 2008


Hooty gets into a really whacky mode when she is overcome with sleep....she acts just like a drunkard...only difference, she is drunk with sleepiness than alcohol. But the things she does are very similar to a drunkard. For instance, she would start singing at the top of her voice or start scaling the walls (literally, with the aid of the sofa) or she would go down on all fours and start going round and round).

So, yesterday, Hubby and I were watching a Bond movie on TV and we both wanted to see the end. It was way past Hooty’s bedtime and the poor thing was starting to behave like a drunken maniac. So I told Hubby, “Someone is becoming a cranky-poo!”

After a short while, Hooty pulls Hubby towards the bedroom saying, “Thaaththi, take me to bed, I am getting ‘crankier’!”
That child knows what she is feeling ;o)

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