Monday, February 23, 2009

The 'Joys' of Preggyness

Though I only announced on the blog just a couple of days ago (which might have been one too many for a certain young lady with a bit of ‘pissu’ tendancies ;o)…I have actually been a preggy for about 12 weeks now.

With H1, the moment the home pregnancy test came positive, we were on the phone announcing it to everyone in our phone list. But with this one, maybe because we’ve already gone through it once, the need to announce to the world is not really there. Also, I think we are a little scared with many of the bad news we heard and experienced with so many friends’ pregnancies.

Let me entertain you with a few pointers that no preggy book will tell you about the ‘joys’ of pregnancy.

1. The idiot who called “Morning sickness”, well, morning sickness, is a moron and has to be a MAN who has never been pregnant or been within a mile of a pregnant woman..ever!

My ‘morning sickness’ with H1 lasted 24/7 with me puking all the time and crying half the time ‘I don’t want to do this anymore…’
Luckily, it’s not so bad this time around. I still do throw up my morning tea, every morning, like a prayer, and have nausea most of the day, but I am not crying and it’s bearable.

2. You spend about one fourth of the day in the loo. I pee every 15 min and am thinking of applying for Permanent Residency in the toilet soon. Right now ze junior isn’t even pressing on the bladder, so I can’t imagine the frequency I will have to go once s/he does decide to use my bladder for a cushion.

3. The desire to sleep on your tummy is directly proportional to the increase in size of the said tummy. Just because you know you can’t, you become so obsessed with it. I’ve never slept on my tummy, but now I want to do it ALL the time. It happened with H1 too. By the time I was about 8 months, I was even considering sawing off a tummy size hole in the mattress so that I can lie down on my belly.

4. You need the agility and creativity of an Olympic Gymnast to carry out certain activities that got you into this state in the first place! Most of the time you end up laughing your head off ;o)

5. People travelling in public transport are suddenly afflicted with a strange illness when you get on board. Especially the ones who are seated, become so sleepy suddenly and would quickly close their eyes. You might even hear a faint snore from one or two.

6. Wearing a g-string becomes next to impossible, unless you don’t mind the stringy bit hanging between your legs like a loop. You might need to raid your Granny's closet; it’s back to granny panties I tell you.

7. If you think your liver is hurting, it might actually be your rectum because your organs tend to shift here and there to make way for the baby.

8. You imagine every move within your body to be your baby's. So even if a poo is moving down the bowels and you feel it, you will happily assume that it’s a movement from the baby.

9. Your boobs become a different life form of it's own. It will expand at an alarming rate and become so sensitive, that a blowing wind will make you wince in pain. Dolly Parton would have done better to consider pregnancy a few times instead of all the boob jobs me thinks.

10. You become so 'windy.' I've been burping like mad. I burp in the train, I burp at meetings, I burp while's very embarrassing...sigh, I mean BURP. My whole digestive system sounds like a symphony orchestra half the time.

Isn’t being pregnant fun?


  1. Phew... that’s a lot of info to grasp....

  2. u're scaring me I thought migraine was bad!

  3. Oh my, the joys of motherhood-to-be! :) It sounds like an alien has taken over your body. But ah, the little bundle of love at the end of it all will be worth it. I'm glad you're not feeling quite as sick and weepy this time around.