Thursday, February 12, 2009

Root Canal

H1 had her first root-canal at the wise old age of FOUR! What is the world coming to???

And Hubby told me that she was an angel at the dentist. She has followed all the instructions and said "Aaaaah" when told to, Spat when told to and hasn't even whimpered.

OK, OK, the fault partly lies with us...for buying all those sweets. What to do ane...the Mum's got a huge sweet tooth and H1 unfortunately seems to inherited it.

So now we've implemented a one-sweet-ONLY per day policy and that too only after a meal where she will brush her teeth/wash her mouth afterwards. (It's impossible to totally ban sweets in our houshold.)

Unfortunately for H1 apart from inheriting my sweet tooth she also has inherited my horrible horrible prone-to-decay-even-at-the-sight-of-sweets teeth. Every single one of my crowns are filled, boo hoo. Remember those days when the filling consisted of silver? My aunt, who is a dental therapist, used to say, "There is no need to give a dowry for Loku when she get's married. All you have to do is open your mouth wide and dazzle the would be suitor with all the silver in there!" ;o)


  1. at the age of 4? seriously?
    hope she's alright.:)

  2. I know..hard to believe ha. The Dr said that taking it out is not an option as it will only fall off when she is about 12. So we need to preserve the tooth. She has ben surprisingly OK about it. Phew!

  3. I feel kids behave better at the dentist than adults. I took D for her trainer braces. She was pretty good. Root canal at four? this is the first time i am hearing.. Good that u are limiting the sweets now.

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  5. AAAIIEEEEEEE!!!! But I love that you photographed her in the dentist's chair! She looks reasonably relaxed, apart from that right hand gripping the arm rest.

    Poor little thing! Good for her for doing so well. Give her a hug from her Canadian friend. ;) But no sweets!

  6. i had to have a tooth extracted when i was 7 and i'm mortally afraid of needles. so the dentist suggested gas instead of anaesthesia. when i closed my eyes in the theatre the stupid dentists thought i had passed out and tried to give me the injection after all. they all got a good, hard kick after which everything went black. hmmm..