Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Deathly Issues

With the passing of Micheal Jackson, because of all the media coverage, H1 has suddenly become very interested in death. Maybe interested isn't the correct word...more like apprehensive.

Most conversations were like this:

H1: Does everyone die?
Me : Yes darling. Everyone dies sometime or the other.
H1 : But I don't want to die!
M : Don't worry love, you want die for a long time. You usually grow old before you die.
H1 : Kiriamma is old. Is she going to die?
M: No love. She's not that old. She'll live a long long time. Maybe even till you grow up and get married and kids of your own.
H1 : What happens when we die?
M : Well, we think that we will be born somewhere else.
H1 : And I won't be H1?
M : No.
H1 : (Crying by now) But I don't want to be different. I want to be H1. I am so pretty. I don't want to look different. There is only one H1 in the world!

And by this point I would try to console her and divert her attention to something else.

Yesterday, after seeing a dead bug, she started asking me questions about death again.
H1 : Ammi will I die too?
M : Yes love. But not for a very long long long time.
H1 : If I drink a lot of milk will I not die?
M : Well, if you drink a lot a milk and eat your veggies, you'll be very healthy and healthy people don't die for a very long time.
H1 : Isn't there ANYTHING I can take to stop dying? (tears slowly sprouting from the eyes)
M : No love. But you don't have to worry. It's not going to happen anytime soon.
H1 : But I don't want to die! I don't want to be different! I will be different, maybe like a BOY! (Crying very hard)
M : No sweetheart, if you are a good girl, you will be born in a good place the way you want.
H1 : But I am naughty sometimes...
M : It's OK to be naughty sometimes because you are still a little girl.
H1 : Grown ups can't be naughty...
M : That's right.
H1 : Can I play the 'Queen' game now?
M : OK. That's a good idea (relieved)
H1 : "OK. You be the queen. Can I get you a soup your majesty?"


  1. 'I will be different, maybe like a BOY! (Crying very hard)' - Sorry, but couldnt stop smiling at that one.

    I wonder if I asked the same questions :S

  2. When S was four and I took him to this funeral he was like " WOW is this how u die?"
    Thats boys i think.

    Girls think about it so much more.. :)

  3. Awww.... the poor kiddo, but you know, she's a very perceptive kid. i remember asking my mum similar questions, and then came a slight obsession with death and a lot of awkward comments/questions. I think you're doing a great job handling a touchy topic... cheers!

  4. the intelligent child who thinks a lot..:)

    It can be very difficult dealing with kids and their questions and fears sometimes...

    Hope she forgets it soon..:)

  5. Aww.. that was soo sweeeeeeeet.. and funny too.. lol

    If I remember right my mom didn't teach us about death till we were a lot bigger to understand about it. But ya, I too feel kids nowadays should know about these stuff.

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