Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sometimes parents make mistakes too...

H1 was so looking forward to colouring with her father before bedtime. She kept on saying, "Can you come now Thaaththi, can you please come now?" and her father kept on saying, "Give me five minutes darling...just wait OK?"

Finally when her father was ready, H1 skipped to her room only to be told, "Let's brush your teeth and get ready for bed first and then we'll colour." Boy wasn't she disappointed. So naturally she threw a mini tantrum. But her father was adamant. So H1 comes running to the mother complaining about this huge injustice. To compromise the mother says, "Why don't you coulour for five minutes first, then brush your teeth and then go back to colouring?" Both father and daughter are reluctant to back down. So the mother keeps quite while trying to sooth the daughter.

The father finally wins and gets his way, but H1 gets to colour with him for half and hour after brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed.

While the mother puts her to bed H1 says in a very sad voice, "Why doesn't Thaaththi listen to me once? I do EVERYTHING for him." "Oh you poor baby," the mother say, "Sometimes father's make mistakes too. But it's OK because you got to colour with him for a long time right?"

After H1 falls asleep, the mother relates the conversation to the father who by now feels so sorry that he says, "I want to go and hug her." The mother says, "Please don't do that, you'll wake her up. Why don't you tell her you were wrong in the morning when she wakes up?"

So, the next morning as H1 wakes up, the father rushes into the room, hugs her and says, "You know darling, I am sorry about last night. I should have coloured with you first. I am sorry," and H1 smiles serenely.

While getting ready for school she says triumphantly, "See, I was right!"


  1. awww.... reminds me of stories i've read on fwd mail..:)

    smart girl she is...:)

  2. Tx Mommythechef. I can finally access your site now :o)..couldn't through the mail you sent me. Love the look of your blog.

  3. Aww.. she is perfectly right.. hehe.. Nethmi sure is smart and sweet. ^__^

  4. Kids they wrap us around their little fingers.......

  5. OOOOOOoh, Surani. You will have so much fun when Nethmi is a teenager. HAHAHAHA! I love that girl.