Monday, November 2, 2009

Feet up the stairs

Hubby was working on a weekend project with his tool box open. H1 picked up the measuring tape and pulled it up to her head and asked, "How tall am I Thaaththi?"
Squinting at the tape, Hubs replied, "Three feet."
"No, no, no," said H1, "Ammi said I was one hundred and more!"
"Yes, darling, that's about three feet."
"Stop measuring my feet silly, you have to measure up to my upstairs*" said H1.

Note* - anything above ground level is 'upstairs' to H1. In this case she was talking about her head :o)


  1. hahahahaha! xD metric kids these days! ;)

    I am also loving your new avatar Sue! :D

  2. Thanks Chavie. That's an oil painting I did a few years ago

  3. and she's right! :)
    so sweet... I love to sit with kids her age and talk away.. it's always very warm and fun.

  4. Nothing related to this post, but related to some discussion we had sometime back :)

    So Im back in the country, I go as KJ. Btw, Mudmark is also there. (And she would possibly think that I'd get arrested for posting this on the suspicion of being a stalker!)

  5. Kulendra, I figured you are back cause I saw your name on a document hubs brought back and asked him to talk to you :o) Did he? Wow. Didn't know Mudmark was there. She hardly writes now :o(..used to love her wit.

  6. Hi Surani, had such a laugh at that one :) Haven't been able to check in with your blog recently because of being really busy with a new job, so it was great to read this post. What a cutie your Nethmi is :)

  7. Reading your posts. I miss those ages now Su...

  8. come I can't access your blog anymore?

    Santhoshi - how about having another? ;o) so you can re-live all that (along with sleepless night, teething days, potty training, the terrible twos etc..ha ha)