Saturday, November 21, 2009

This sixteen thing

Thanks Santhoshi for tagging me. So many have written to their 16 year old self that I feel it's getting a bit stale reading them (ok ok this is my excuse because I am feeling soooooo lazy to write a long post.)

The only thing I'd say to my sixteen year old self is that if only you knew that you'd marry the kind of man who'll gladly look after the baby because you had to harvest your crops on FarmVille, you wouldn't have tried flirting so hard with anything that moved.

If you knew that you'd find the kind of work you loved and bosses so great that they'd come to see your baby 6 years after you leave the organisation, and is ready to have you back anytime, you wouldn't have worried so much that you didn't get selected to a local university.

If you knew that your sister would become so close to you that she'd be ready to move house just to be near you and be such a great Puncha to your kids, you'd have not fought with her every time the two of you opened your mouths.

All in all I would have told you not to worry at all about your future, at least untill you are in your thirties, because life so far has been good to me.

Since all have seems to be tagged I am going to leave an open tag


  1. you forgot to mention the two adorable little girls you've brought to this world..;)

    I've got so many invitations for farming.. I don't even have time to check out what it is.. sigh

  2. Heh heh since this blog is totally about them I thought it's a given Lady D :o)

    Thanks Dee :o)

  3. lovely letter Sue! :D really nice!

    and you're in FarmVille too? :O everyone's playing it... I feel left out now! :D lol

  4. Yeah's totally addictive. I think I need a Farmville Anonymous group.

  5. That's a great letter, Sue! I'm glad you posted it. And I love the Farmville comment. :)

  6. Nice post Su.. Like the framville comment too :)