Monday, December 7, 2009

Brotherly Love

H1's cousin brother came for a visit over the weekend. This was the first time they met after we came back from Singapore. So H1 was highly exited. She was a bit worried too. She came over to me and said, ' I don't have any boy's toys Ammi. What will M-Ayya play with?'

Once he arrived however, all those worries seems to be forgotten as they chased each other all over the garden. Then H1 had the brilliant idea of comparing their slippers and claimed that hers was bigger. Now this wouldn't do thought M and said, 'No! Mine is Bigger,' which promted H1 to claim, 'NO! Mine is BIGGER!' This made M so mad that he grabbed her slipper from her and ran away with it and hid it behind a tree. H1 who is used to getting her way and being the boss all the time just couldn't stomach this.

I could see how she was struggling not to cry. When it became too much for her to bare she quickly ran to her room. She only came out when M went in to say sorry to her and she claimed that it was soooooo hot in the garden, that's why she went into her room!

M being equally strong headed and bossy as H1 proved to be a tough play mate. After one of their many mini battles of wills H1 in an exasperated voice told me that 'Brother's are really silly!'
After a battle of wills with me she shouted, 'Mothers are as silly as brothers!'

We took them for a swim and H1 got out of the pool in a huff because she didn't like M splashing water on her constantly. Her Aththamma told her that boys are like that to which she replied, 'But I am a girl and girl's don't like that sort of thing because we are special!'

Before bed time both of them wanted me to read a story.  It was called 'Keenthi Keeyada' (How angry do you get...I think). M said he especially brought it for Nangi because she gets mad all the time. M's mother said, 'Well, you too have the same book and I bought it for you because you get angry all the time too'
Then H1 not wanting to be second said, 'No! I get more angry than M!'

While I was reading them the story, M started kissing H1 on her back. Then when H1 got up he said 'Oyata hada passak thiyenawa!' (You have a lovely butt!). I nearly chocked on the words I was reading. That coming out of a six year old! :o)

Ah kids these days....


  1. lovd the passa comment hahaha!

  2. I wonder where they pick this stuff up from.

  3. lol you can write a book about them.. hehe.. lil kids are so cute and sweet.. and so funny too. =D

  4. hahaha the butt comment is priceless! ;)

  5. hehe! oh boy is Imeth a handful!