Friday, December 18, 2009

Four months already!

My darling four month old,

A lot of changes happened in the last month. You definitely have changed from a helpless baby to a baby with an attitude! You absolutely know how to show your displeasure by screeching non stop. You don't cry. You screech.

You can finally touch your toes now and grab them when ever possible. You also want to grab everything that comes in contact with your hands and they all go straight into your mouth. I don't know why I bother to sterilize your soother or bottle when you put every other thing in your mouth. You also love to lick our shoulders or hand when ever we carry you. Thaaththi absolutely hates it as it tickles him. I think you are teething and your gums must be scratchy because you get so annoyed and frustrated when you can't bite the things your bring up to your mouth. Of cause your hand to mouth coordination is pretty poor, so you get so mad when things don't work the way you think they ought to. You love to gnaw on my chin. You would pull my face towards you by grabbing my hair and pounce on my chin like a little puppy.

You can make lots of different noises by moving your lips in different ways. You look like a little bird with a pouty beak and I just want to squeeze you then. Sometimes we have a whole conversation of ooh aah talk for almost fifteen minutes.

You've also started patting my breasts when feeding or pulling at my t-shirts. You would gaze into my eyes while feeding and every now and then would stop feeding altogether to give me a smile as if to say 'thank you', and my heart would melt to a mushy goo and I'd think, 'Oh how I love you. I love you my baby...'

When I place you on the floor mat, you move around quite a bit by lifting your bum and pushing from your legs.

There are so many little moments that I want to hold forever and I wish you'd stay a baby for a lot longer but I know I'd delight in every little change as well. I love your little chubby cheeks and pudgy hands and every other bit of you.

Thaaththi and I are so blessed to have you and Akki in our lives.

Hugs and a bucketload of kisses


I started this blog for your sister 3 years ago on this day. I know she won't mind it that you get to share it with her now.


  1. That was beautiful Sue... :')

    Happy Bloggeversary! :)

  2. Aww.. Su this is such a lovely, sweet and totally cute letter.. ^__^ I'm sure after a few years time when your lil one's old enough to use a comp, she'd be delighted to read all these sweet stuff.. and tell you.. "Mom .. you're the best in the whole world!" ^__^

  3. LD - you should! :)

    Thanks Harumi and Chavie :)

  4. Awww.... I wanna have your babies. Sounds ghey. :P

  5. It sure does heart did start to beat a little faster ;P