Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feeling Blue

I don't know if I am having a late reaction baby blues....but I am definitely blue...
I don't feel like doing anything...writing the blog...taking pictures...doing house work...nothing.

I am bored...bored to death staying at home. I really need to go back to work. Soon.

If only things would fall back in place so I can go.


  1. *hugs*

    Hope you can get back to work soon! Was a little worried about the silence, but thought you had started working again... :)

  2. I think going back to work is an excellent idea.... *hugs*!!! Hope the blues will pass....! (gives you bunch of pink baloons)

  3. Lets hope for the best.

    Why not go somewhere? Hit the beach? Or go out of Colombo?


    take care

    Hope this phase passes away

  4. no babies here and i'm very much at work, but lately i cant seem to shake off the blues either. maybe it's the heat.

  5. Awww thanks guys. Hugs back to everyone. I am working on getting everything ready for getting back to work. Fingers crossed.

  6. We all get that feeling sometime and when we hear of others feeling the same way, we empathize.After winter comes spring though,so hang in there

  7. Oh poor you, I feel for you. I hope you can get things sorted out so that you can go back to work soon, and that you start feeling better. The blues are no fun. Do something nice for yourself! (Bubble bath? Chocolate? Shopping expedition? :) )

  8. Feel better Su. Why dont you start a language/yoga class?

  9. *hugs*

    I also think you need some change in your routine. Yep, why not get back to work?

    Cheer up, this too shall pass. ;)

  10. hugs su.. i still have days like that. good luck with getting back to work.

  11. fingers crossed about going back to work and the depression lifting. good luck sue =)

  12. Wow.. so cool to hear about it Sue. I really wanted to ask you about it but knew it was so tough to work while taking care of 2 lil kids.

    I know your skills and potentials well and it's such a pity that you had to be at home for all this time. Do lemme know if you're joining the old place again or have in mind to join some new place. Wherever it is I wish you the very best of luck! ^__^

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  14. Thanks Chavie...will start work soon :)

    Thanks angel. Ooh pink? Will have loads of fun popping them ;P

    Thanks LD. I hope so too. Will be heading to Kandy for he New Year.

    Delilah, yep that could be one reason ;)

    herbalife, sure hope spring would come soon. :)

    Thanks Knatolie...been visiting the beauty parlour pretty often. Feels gooood ;)

    Dee, yoga sounds great. any recomendations?

    Serendib_Isle. Funny that you said that cause that's exactly what I've been telling my self after reading Ajan Brahma's book :)

    Thanks Santhoshi. I think things will work out fine. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks PP. How come I can't access your blog anymore? :( I miss reading you.

    Hi Harumi. Same place ;)

  15. Wow.. so cool! ^__^ Best of Luck dear..! Hope I could drop by and visit you and my old pals (if they're still around) sometime in future. ^__^

  16. sorry for delay... maybe nanda's class at Asha institute in nawala?