Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Embrace Life...

This one’s for all those idiots who don’t wear seatbelts..... 

This one’s for all those wanna be murderers who talk on their phones while driving......

This one’s for all those fucktards who weave in and out of traffic with horns tooting, lights blazing just cause they think they own the roads.....

Yes I am angry! Yes I am frothing mad, because I have to do more of defensive driving every morning and evening to avoid these bastards, to get home safely to my family.

It makes me angry and sad to see a banner with a little six year old’s smiling photo in front of a school. A death notice.…a motor cycle accident…because he didn’t wear a helmet….(the father survived) because the law doesn’t state that he should. It makes me angry every time I see parents wearing helmets (because the law says so) and take their kids without helmets..because the law doesn’t require them to. What law abiding citizens we are!

It makes me angry when people go without seatbelts…because Sri Lankan law doesn’t say you should. It makes me angry when I see friends taking their kids in the front seat. These are people who can afford a car seat. Their excuse? The kids refuse to go alone in the back seat. For heavens sake, if the kids refuse to go without you, why can’t the mom get in the back seat with them? Discipline people...give the kids a good talking to on road safety or show them a few scary youtube videos on road accidents.

It makes me angry when people come for a party, get drunk and get behind the wheel. Hubby always makes sure that if he would drink, I would be the one driving us back. If I can’t, he will not touch that drink.
That’s taking responsibility for your life as well as others. STOP being selfish! STOP taking life for granted. STOP thinking of small comforts such as travelling in the front seat more important than preserving the lives of your loved ones. STOP and think before you get behind that wheel……STOP to embrace life.....


  1. so true. what with the number of vehicles in our road and the road rage driving. accidents are so common.

  2. Agree with you 100%.

    BTW, I think there is a law in SL prohibiting kids under 10 travelling in the front of a car.

    I have seen one idiot driving a car with a small child on his lap holding on to the steering wheel... I kid you not! Where are the cops?

  3. I too am with you 100%! We have lots of traffic laws here (mandatory seatbelts and helmets, no hand-held phones while driving, etc) and yet people still refuse to give their full concentration to driving, and others are maimed or die as a result. It disgusts me. I hope SL can at least enact a few more laws to improve things a bit.

    I love the commercial!