Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Peeping Tom!

I don't know how to react to this incident!! I am not disturbed...though I think I should be...I am not scared...should I be? OK OK enough with the preamble, let me tell you what happened.

Because we have such a lovely view, we have not put up curtains, but we have hung blinds from the roof, out side the window. So there is a space between the blinds and the window.

I had the lights out and just put H2 to sleep and decided to lie down next her until Hubby finished putting H1 to bed in the next room. After about a minuit after lying down, I felt water splashed on my hair. I got up and sat in bed and looked towards the window. There was a man in shorts standing between the blinds and he window. I thought hubby was playing a trick on me and just stared for a couple of seconds. Because there was no reaction from the person standing there, I reached for the light and switched it on. It wasn't my Husband!!!

I screamed ''Thief! thief!'' (I should have screamed &*%$ing pervert!!! but my mind was numb you see). Of cause the bastard bolted.

Hubby was trying to go after him and was looking for a baton. We have none in the house! (time to go shopping!) and there he was trying to go after the fellow with a broom!!! Calls to neighbours and everyone was going up the lane with torches flashing here and there. Of cause the pervert had vanished by then.

I think it was a loony. I mean why else would he throw water at me? Hoping I'd wake up and join him????

Anyway, I am going to put up thick curtains at least in our bedroom now!


  1. That's just... scary! :O How did he get into the house? Was this on the second floor? :S

  2. First floor Chavie. He didn't get into the house. Was standing outside the window. I mean he can't see anything when the lights are off.

  3. thats scary. i hope you have grilles of some sort. take care.

  4. thieves these days are very scary. be careful and take ultra care darling

  5. We do have grills, thank god Delilah.

    I don't think it was a thief GG...if you read between the lines, you'd have realized that the pervert was playing with him self! (yuck! yuck! yuck and shudder!!!!)

  6. Yuck, a creepy nutjob!!! Poor you!