Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wedding Album

H1 was very quiet for a change. She was busy drawing pictures in a notebook. What was she doing? She was creating a whole wedding album! See for your self:

                                                                         Saying "I do"


                                                         Having their dessert

                                                                  Fancy dance moves

I thought this was the honey moon...but um she said they were sitting on the sofa for the photos. (yeah yeah...Mummy's got a dirty mind :P) 

 Giving each other drinks off their glasses

 Carrying her over the threshold! (We don't do that in SL do we? too much TV!!)

 More fancy dance moves

                                                          And off they go.............


  1. Wow, love her creativity! :D I've heard that children who draw these tall human figurines have a knack for the arts. :)

  2. Wow... so creative! And yup, I like her... she probably has her own wedding already planned!

  3. the fancy dance moves one is the best :)

  4. Yeah dance move is the best!
    Wish you and your Two Hoots a fabulous new year!!

  5. oh wow. how adorable. you could save these pictures for her real wedding y'know. And maybe surprise her with a slide show :)

  6. Thanks everyone. My fav is the Dance Moves too :)
    What a great idea Delilah. Thanks!!