Monday, August 30, 2010

The Past Few Weeks

...I've been too lazy to update this blog :(

- So, my one year old had a teensy weensy teeny tiny party to celebrate her birthday. I almost feel guilty that I didn't do the crazy elaborate celebration I had for her sister. A pool part with about 50 people. But we used the money we would have spent on a crazy party to help a solder who needed funds for an operation, so I feel glad. I mean H1 doesn't remember her first b'day. It was more of a celebration for me than her, so I think H2 will forgive me later in life.

- H2 walks about a bit now... extremely unsteady, but she does seem to prefer standing and walking to sitting and crawling. When the phone rings, she holds her palms upto her ear as if she has a phone in her hand, it's sooo cute that I want to squeeze her every time.

- We went off to a hotel for a couple of days and realized that we haven't been on a holiday for so long when H1 started jumping on the bed exclaiming, 'Oh! I am soooo happy. I am sooooo very happy to be on holiday' ;)

- I had to leave the two kids without me for the first time ever when I had to go on a two day work related workshop. I was a little concerned about H2 because she still breast feeds in the night. I was so happy that both the kids had handled the separation well. H2 did cling to me the whole of the next day when I came back though.

- I am madly in love with a vampire. Seriously! There I was snickering at all the teen hype about the Twilight series and was putting off reading the books because I just didn't want to get on the bandwagon. Boy! Was I wrong. Read Twilight and now I am in the middle of New Moon. Bought all the movies, but I don't want to watch them till I finish the books. I want an Edward...I do...Sorry hubby honey, I love you madly as ever...but I do wish you'd turn into a vampire ;)

So, what have you been up to lately?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

She's ONE!!!!

My little Hooty 2 is ONE today
You've brought us nothing but joy everyday
Ammi, Thaaththi and Akki are so blessed
because you are the best
at chasing all our blues away!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Embrace Life...

This one’s for all those idiots who don’t wear seatbelts..... 

This one’s for all those wanna be murderers who talk on their phones while driving......

This one’s for all those fucktards who weave in and out of traffic with horns tooting, lights blazing just cause they think they own the roads.....

Yes I am angry! Yes I am frothing mad, because I have to do more of defensive driving every morning and evening to avoid these bastards, to get home safely to my family.

It makes me angry and sad to see a banner with a little six year old’s smiling photo in front of a school. A death notice.…a motor cycle accident…because he didn’t wear a helmet….(the father survived) because the law doesn’t state that he should. It makes me angry every time I see parents wearing helmets (because the law says so) and take their kids without helmets..because the law doesn’t require them to. What law abiding citizens we are!

It makes me angry when people go without seatbelts…because Sri Lankan law doesn’t say you should. It makes me angry when I see friends taking their kids in the front seat. These are people who can afford a car seat. Their excuse? The kids refuse to go alone in the back seat. For heavens sake, if the kids refuse to go without you, why can’t the mom get in the back seat with them? Discipline people...give the kids a good talking to on road safety or show them a few scary youtube videos on road accidents.

It makes me angry when people come for a party, get drunk and get behind the wheel. Hubby always makes sure that if he would drink, I would be the one driving us back. If I can’t, he will not touch that drink.
That’s taking responsibility for your life as well as others. STOP being selfish! STOP taking life for granted. STOP thinking of small comforts such as travelling in the front seat more important than preserving the lives of your loved ones. STOP and think before you get behind that wheel……STOP to embrace life.....