Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Better World of Books!

PP's post on books started me on this post. (Thanks PP for introducing me to Goodreads!!)

I LURVE reading and I always wanted to keep a record of the books I've read but never got around to doing it. Then I saw PP's post on Goodreads and immediately started creating a list of books I've read. Just managed to add 168 of the books I've read. I also entered the challenge like she mentioned. Though I'd like to read 50 books at least this year, I have to be realistic. I mean how can a mother of two holding a 8 -5 job do all that reading? I read whenever I can, wherever I in the toilet, while I have my lunch at work, while I put the kids to bed, during commercials while watching TV...I grab whatever second I can! Sometimes I read a book while string a pot of soup! So I kept the figure at 30, but as you can see I am already 14% ahead :) hmmmm...maybe I should change it to 50?

I have read Secret Adversary and Marley and Me before, but just like PP, I love re-reading the books I've already read and loved! (Believe it or not I've read Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone 14, YES! FOURTEEN times!!! :)) I am a sucker for fantasy stories...I still love my fairy tales :P

My idea of heaven would be a bookstore.I go nuts when I go into a book store. The smell of new books, the shelves full of books....sigh. Unfortunately for me, getting to a bookstore was a problem (funny enough, I don't like libraries. I guess it lacks the smell and the colours of a bookstore) because of my other commitments and finding the time to go to one was so difficult. That was until a friend introduced me to Betterworldbooks. Ah! I found my virtual heaven!!! It's FREE shipping people!! AND community service to boot! I don't mind that the books are not brand new (It's wonderful that someone else enjoyed them before I did and sometimes you get lovely surprises like little notes and cards forgotten by the earlier readers). You can get brand new ones if you wish, but I always shop in the bargain bin :)

I order about 7 books every month and it always costs me less than 4000 bucks. It's usually 5 books for me and two books for the kidos. That keeps me going till the next month's books arrive. Oh! the joy I feel when I see that book parcel waiting for me every month. The only downside is, the order takes about a month to reach you and there is no tracking facility (what did you expect for free shipping??) But if you pace it out right you get your books before the previous set is read :)

I am glad to say that my kidos seem to be following my footsteps. They both need a book read before they sleep and now H1 has taken to the habit of taking a book to the toilet and H2 demands a book while she drinks her milky. (OK, the experts will tell you it's  a bad habit to take books to the toilet and read books while you have your meals, but I disagree!!! so there!!


  1. nice! goodreads is awesome because i also wanted to track the books i read. i dont think i can do more than 20-25 new books a year because i keep needing to read the old ones i like too much.

    will keep checking to see how you're going :) good luck!

  2. Oh! are you counting only NEW books you read? I though you can count any book, whether you read it before or not :)

  3. lol, i'm not sure, now that you mention it. i assumed its new books because i already have all my old books listed on goodreads.

    1. I can't remember when I read the old books :) so I kept the dates blank on them and add the latest date when i read it again. That's why they appear on my challenge :P

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  4. Ahhhhhhh... I *love* you Su!! They have Joan Aiken books in the bargain bin AND free shipping!! Yay!

  5. hehe.. that's some habits you've got there (plus your lil ones too) :D But yeah, when you become a bookworm and can't find enough time, you can't help it.

    And thanks for enlightening about Goodreads. A great way to keep track of things, especially if you're reading more often.