Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Toilet Tales

If you've followed this blog from the very beginning, when H1 was a tiny toddler, you'll remember that I had many toilet stories to tell. Now H2 seems to be following her sisters footsteps and loves spending time in that ever fascinating place.

Tale 1
 She loves playing with the tap and I've caught her many a times with the tap open, happily playing away. One day when I walked in on her at the tap, she had removed all her cloths and was happily splashing away. Remember how much of a little hora gediya my H2 is? When she caught me looking on she quickly turned her back to the tap and tells me as if its a valid excuse for what she is doing, "I am washing my bum Ammi, I am washing my bum!" I gave her little bum a little whack and sent her out of the bathroom.

Tale 2
One night, before bedtime, I put on some toothpaste on her toothbrush and gave it to H2 and asked her to start brushing while I went off to boil some water for her milk. I've just to leave H2 for two seconds without supervision for her to get into a scrape. When I came back yes, she was busy brushing, just not her teeth! She was brushing the toilet bowl! 

Tale 3.
Once I walked in when H2 was trying to help me with the laundry, she was washing her T shirt in the toilet bowl. I had to wash her, the T shirt and of cause the toilet! 


  1. Ha ha ha ha.... this is epic Su! :)

  2. Eeeeee! The toothbrush in the toilet bowl got to me! ;) What a cutie.

  3. Tale 1 is funny but 2 and 3.. I've no words to say! lol geez.. kids these days are so unpredictable.. and they sure seem to know how to give you extra load of work, don't they? :D