Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Artist - con, that is!

Remember I keep saying what a con artist my H2 is? Here's another story to demonstrate the point.

Kiddos have this habit of starting to draw on walls when they reach toddler hood. We came up with having a designated area (a big white board on the wall) for them to draw when the creative genius strikes, instead of on the walls. This worked very well with H1. 

H2 on the other had has drawn quite a few times on the wall when we were not looking....with lipstick, crayons, colour pencils, pens etc..

Last week, I was lying in bed reading when I saw H2 at it again with the corner of my eyes. I firmly directed her to the board and asked her to draw there and went back to my book. Things were just too quiet so I looked again to see H2 has covered a whole wall with her scribbles.

Me: What did you do H2? Are you supposed to draw on the wall?
H2: (Guilty face) mumble mumble...
Me: Wait till Thaaththi sees this!
H2: Mouth turned down like a dehi lella and looking at me with BIG guilty eyes.
Hubby: (while walking into the room) Who drew on the wall Ammi? H2 did you draw on the wall? You are supposed to draw on the board or paper!
H2: (thinking I might as well try it on the dumbos) It IS paper Thaththi! (while pointing at the wall). 

Hubby had to go out of the room to compose himself before trying to discipline H2.