Tuesday, January 10, 2012

School, here we come!

Gaaaaaaaah!! My kidos are growing up so fast and I can't stop them!!

H2 started school yesterday. She looks sooooooo adorable in the uniform that I wanted to squeeze her to bits! Actually, it was more of a parents teachers meeting and they will officially start on Thursday. All the other kids sat through the one hour meeting while mine was making such a racket that I had to go out of the hall with her within the first five minutes and she made me go up and down the whole building while the meeting was going on. 

We had to carry a ton of school supplies which were listed in the book list. It's crazy I tell you; 3 boxes of clay, 2 boxes of colour pencils (of the most expensive brand mind you! - its specifically stated in the list!), 2 boxes of 12 bottle packs of fabric paint, 6 fabric glitter glue, so many crape paper, so many colour paper, so many A4 paper and on and on and on...

The classes in the area where the meeting was held had those chairs that spring back when someone is not seated in them and H2 was trying her mighty best to put the seat down and sit. Finally frustrated she looks at me and says, "Ammi!, These chairs are broken. Can you fix them please?"

The school is actually really nice and the play area is a heaven for toddlers with so many toys, I know my H2 will be very happy there (fingers crossed) but I am expecting tears at least on the first few days :(


  1. Wow, they grow up so fast! Hope school is lots of fun for little Hoot!

  2. I made this comment before, but yeah. Can't believe she's all grown up. :') Awww.

  3. Aww.. so sweet. I wish H2 all the very best!

    Need to reserve some time to catch up with everything I've missed between the baby days to schooling days. I've missed a lot!

    And blogging will be double the fun for you now, with more school stories coming up. :)