Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not so terrible after all

H2 is not having a too bad a terrible twoish time unlike H1 who’s terrible twos started when she was one and a half and went on until she was about 3 and a half! And they were terrible indeed.

H2 would have a mild tantrum. A little tear here and there, whereas H2 had screaming-while-rolling on-the-floor kind of tantrums (especially when we are out and there were a million judging strangers around, like in a shopping mall or the tube (we were in Singapore at that time.) Those tantrums would make us angry and frustrated (my poor H1 L).

H2 however, is a little clown and a drama queen to boost so even her tantrums are cute and makes us laugh instead of making us angry. She would pretend to cry (“ihi…ihi…”) and fling herself on the bed/floor or hide her face in her hand and lean on a wall (facing the wall), very Rookmani Devi style in those old movies when the heroine has had a fight with her lover. It’s hilarious to watch and it’s so very difficult to keep a straight face in order to discipline her.

Sometimes she would very rudely demand something or cry in order to get her way. So we would say, “Say that nicely H2” and in a veeeeeeery nice sing song voice, she would look up, and actually say the word “Nicely…..” Of cause we would melt right then and there and give into any whimsy of hers. That child has us wrapped around her fingers I tell ya!


  1. anaaaa u should call her RD for Rukmani Devi :D so cute!!

  2. lol.. those are telltale signs that she'd be a genius in the field of marketing. :D