Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Close Shave

A few stories that involves Hooty and Shaving:

Story 1:

This happened when Hubs’s parents were in Singapore a couple of months back. Hub’s father (Hooty ’s Muththa) was in the bathroom shaving.
Hooty looks in and says:
“Muththa, Thaathis (Dads) shave their faces. Ammis (Moms) shave their legs!”
(I’m hoping that Muththa didn’t hear this piece of information ;o)

Story 2:

Hubby was putting on aftershave after a shave.

Hooty : “Thaaththi, why are you putting that on”
Hubby: “Well, it makes my face feel better”
Hooty : “Mmmm.. Thaaththi, you smell like a flower!”
(I am sure this is not what Hubby nor the producer of the aftershave wanted to hear ;o)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nothing Fishy About It

I remembered watching a BBC documentary (Child of Our Time) on the benefits of fish oil and it's effects on a child's behaviour, a long time ago.

As my little daughter is a bit on the naughty side, with at least one mega tantrum a week, a few weeks ago, I suggested to Hubby that we try giving her some fish oil to see if it calms her down.

Now I am a total believer in its effects. It works!!! It really does! Hooty has not had a single tantrum for the past two weeks. She is sweeter and milder. Mornings are pleasant now and so are bed times.

So, yo! tantrums! Go fish I say!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Fairy-tale

Hooty loves pretending to be a princess. One such day she comes up to me and says;

H: “Ammi I’ll be the Princess”
Me : “OK”
H: “Thaaththi will be the King”
Me : “OK”
H: “You be the Wicked Stepmother”
Me : “OK”
H: “But don’t be wicked to me OK? Be wicked to the King!”

What else could I say but “OK”! ;o)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More Chantings

Adding on to my previous entry, here are some other things Hooty wished on us last week while carrying on her chanting. I think she tries to think of the meanest possible thing that can happen to us when we reprimand her! I hope it’s just a phase she is going through!!

“Spiderman will get you!” (Yep, the black and red one)
“Cockroaches will get you!" (Hopefully not the flying kind)
“A Kukuchiyaw* would get you!” (Don’t ask! No idea what kind of creature this is)
“A crocodile will get you!” (Hope it’s like the one in Peter Pan)
“The policeman will get you!” (Hopefully this one would be a cute fella)
“I will throw away all your cloths!” (Ah! And I will feel the breeze while going around!)

Note: (Inserted on 10/10/2007)
* Oh-oh! Just learnt what 'Kukuchiyaw' means from my colleague. Apparently it a word in Chinese (actually a dialect of Mandarin) used to describe the body part Hooty mistook for an elephant!

Friday, October 5, 2007


Hooty ’s learning quite a lot of undesirable stuff from school. Now, whenever we would ask her to behave, she would go in to a long rumble which would sound something like this (which I am sure is what the kids at school say and do, as I see no other source for her come up with something like this):

“I don’t like you!
I don’t like you! (Sob, sob….)
You make me sad!
I don’t like you!
Oooh whaoooooo
You will be punived (punished)
I am going to call Spiderman, the red and black one!
(Mind you, she hasn’t seen a red and black one let alone the red-only one!
We haven’t even seen adds for it on T.V as far as I can recall!)
And he will get you!
I don’t love you!
Boo hooo hoooooooooo
I don’t want to be your friend!
I don’t like you…
I don’t like youuuuuuuuu..
Sob sob sob…
When I grow up, I am going to go to the other room!
(that’s not very far, I was thinking ;o)
I won’t stay with Ammi and Thaaththi!!
Booo hooo hoooooooooooo
You don’t say 'sorry' to me!!!
Say ‘sorry’ to meeeeeeeee
I don’t like you!!!”

And on and on it goes.

Yesterday just before bed-time she started her chantings after I refused to let her play with my necklace. After asking her to stop the nonsense and come to bed, Hubby and I ignored her. After going on for a while, she must have got sick of carrying on like that. Then, she has the nerve to come up to me and say, “Ammi, you say sorry first, then I will say sorry!” Can you believe that?

After explaining to her that I did nothing wrong to say 'sorry' to her, I went back to ignoring her while she went back to her chanting.

Again after a while she comes to bed and says, “Ammi, can you say a tiny little ‘sorry’ to me and then I will stop?”

Oh well, they do say ‘don’t sweat the small stuff.’ So, I said a tiny ‘sorry,’ and she said a big one, and we finally went to sleep, peacefully.