Sunday, June 21, 2009

Advertise to me

(I've been sooooo lazy to even log into the blog the last couple of weeks....)

It's amazing how kids are influenced by the advertisements on TV. H1 seems to have become the spokesperson for several brands by now.

There's an add for instant noodles apparently fortified with all the vitamins there is, and H1, who is a huge instant noodles fan, says to me, "See, that's healthy! you MUST buy it."

A few days back Hubby was looking for a hair gel at the supermarket and just picked up a jar. H1 rushes over and picks one particular brand that has an ad showing a guy who styles his hair into to several looks, and says, "Thaaththi, use this and you can look different!" Today in the morning, while Hubs was getting ready for work, H1 noticed him putting on the hair gel and says, "Now your hair will start standing up Thaaththi."

While watching the abysmal performance of our team at the 20/20 match yesterday, H1 says, "They need to drink Milo, that's why they are not winning," because as you might have already guessed, the girl drinking Milo wins the tennis match in the ad.

Anyone in the advertisement arena looking for a mini spokesperson, please feel free to contact me!


  1. Awwwww.. that was soooooo sweeeeeeeeeet.. LOL

    Yep, she's got all the pre-requisites to become the best spokesperson ever! hehe..

    And really.. I never knew commercials had that mucha effect on kids. kinda scary too ne.. ? =D

  2. hehe..

    this reminded me of my little cousin sister who is about 4-5 yrs in age.. she tells me about this brand of 'carrot' face wash she was using and says it is supposed to lighten up the skin and told me to do the same! lol

    kids are highly influenced and they remember well at this age..:)

  3. It IS scary Harumi and LD. The first letter that Nethmi knew was 'M' because of the big looking M at McDonald's!