Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cat Chronicles

I think I posted about these two coming to dinner a few weeks back. H1 is delighted that she has such cute dinner guests. I've forbidden her to touch the fellows as we don't know whose cats they are and have no idea whether they have been vaccinated against rabies and such. But they must be cats from some neighbour as they are not scared of us and seems to be quite used to people but they sure are hungry all the time!

Feed me! Feed ME! FEED ME!!!

I will follow you to the end of the Earth if you give me food...

What more can you ask for...a 'foot massage' after a good meal

H1  playing a 'lullaby' for the cats...at least that's what she claimed it was ;o)

When the cats refused to go after a while (and you wonder why???) Hubby 'shooed' them away and shouted for them to get a move on. H1 was very upset about this and said, "Thaaththi! DON'T scold the cats. I am very disappointed in you!"

And turning to the cats she apologised, "Don't mind my Thaaththi. He doesn't mean it OK?"


  1. Aww.. nice pics Su, love the first pic.. a very polite 'please give me food!' appeal.. =D hehe.. and Nethmi's really sweet too.. sanding up for cat rights! =D

    ya unlike dogs, most cats can be friendly with any human.. temporarily though, for the sole sake food. =D

  2. Nethmi's reaction to the 'shooing' is so sweet!!

  3. Kids love pets, dont they. i tied a kitten to a pipe outsied ny flat when i was young. My mum didnt allow me to bring it in. So i fed it while it was outside for a few days n then gave up hope of keeping it as a pet and so i freed it:(

  4. Hi...this is exciting. I'm a burger (sri lankan born) living in the u.s ( I have 2 little girls). I've only just got into blogging and came across your blog, its fun. I don't have any lankan friends here to share mommy stuff with here so its nice to see what mom's in colombo are upto, i'm actually a dog person but am also a huge germ freak and don't let my girls touch anyone's pets either... bye for now....

  5. i think we should spay the cat without balls. we just need to ask the few neighbours around if the cat belongs to them. if they yes, we ask for permission to spay. if no body claims ownership still no prob. we just pack the fellow into a box and take to the wet. what say u la?

    Daanawa ehema newei magey post eka

  6. Hi mommydachef welcome to blogging! Do send me a link to your blog.

    Dear Anon..urm who r u???? ;o)