Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Companions

H1 has so many new friends. We love this place. Every morning we are greeted by little chubby birds (battichcho?) and fluffy squirrels. So we'd go out into the garden and share our breakfast. I am so glad that after living in stark flats in Singapore, H1 finally gets to enjoy the beauty and joy in her fellow creatures.

These two seems to have moved into our rain drain and called it home sweet home. Even after three days, they are still there. Maybe they are thinking of starting a family.

And everyday we see this heard of buffaloes munching their way through the paddy field.

I think I'll have to get a book on birds to identify all the birds that come visit us.

This fellow and a black one (very like Nayomi Knatolee ;o)...comes to dinner everyday.

It makes you glad to be alive just to see all these lovely creatures everyday and I am glad that H1 seems to have inherited our love of nature and all creatures. She only has one complaint about her new companions though. "I just don't like the flies and mosquitoes in Sri Lanka Ammi," She told me just the other day.


  1. The birds in the first photo is 'Demalichcha'

    U surely know the parrot, the pilihuduwa (kingfisher), the konda kurulla and the ati kukula :)

  2. Hi Sue, Didn't get a chance to write u all this time( but i knew u were back, got to know from Nirupama & Jullies). Nice to have u back.

    Nice to know that Nethmi enjoys the nature.

  3. Thanks Kulendra. Didn't know the Demalichcha and the konda kurulla. Shameful I know :o) I still want to get a book though to teach my self and Nethmi their habits and all that.

    Hey Sam. Yep. Glad to be back. Will pay you guys a visit soon.

  4. woooooooooooooow.. stunning pics Su, are you sure you're living in Colombo? lol

    That's such a lot of cute companions for lil Nethmi, she must be delighted to see them everyday ne.. ^__^

  5. And here I sit, with "A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Sri Lanka", which I bought while I was in SL! But I only know English names.

    Here are my guesses:

    Yellow-billed babblers (and your squirrels look like a cross between our chipmunks and red squirrels, with reeeeally long tails!)

    Not sure about the parrot/parakeet, but the next three are:

    White-throated Kingfisher

    Red-vented Bulbul

    Greater Coucal (Common coucal)

    And I LOVE the kitty. So pretty! And the cool lizard!

  6. First ones a common babbler, seconds a Calotes calotes garden lizard, thirds a rose-ring parakeet (I think), a white breasted kingfisher, red vented bulbul, common coucal and erm...a cat:)

    You really should ask he knows his stuff!

  7. Yeah Harumi...hard to imagine that we are just a half hour ride away from colombo ;o)

    Thanks Knatolee and N...I think I'll rethink about getting a book and just ask you ;o) I knew some of the Sinhala names they were called. It's great to know their English names so I can google them up. Thanks so much!

  8. Yes, I regret that while I speak English and French, my Sinhala is not so good! ;) However, a certain friend of mine told me that your squirrels are Indian Palm Squirrels...the Palm Squirrel (Funambulus palmarum) is called Iri Lena in Sinhala. And I think N is right about the rose-ring parakeet. That was my thought but it didn't precisely match the pic in my book so I wasn't sure.

    I love seeing your pics from SL!

  9. i've been living here all my life and i still don't like the flies and the mosquitoes! :-/

  10. Looks like nethmi is settling beautifuly with her new friends...

  11. Yeah, so true..

    oh and I saw your garden pics too on FB.. they were absolutely stunning.. reminded me of Peradeniya gardens.. =D

  12. You might want to check the following link

  13. Thanks so much Kulendra. That site is great!