Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nick knack, Paddy wack...

I think I've mentioned before that we live near a paddy field. We thought it was an abandoned plot of land but imagine our surprise and delight one morning last week when we saw the following sight.

I was so happy that H1 got to see what city kids rarely get to see...the old fashioned farming techniques that we used to see as kids in villages.

Who needs David Beckham posing for Armani when you get Sri Lankan men in loin cloths ;o)

By about two in the afternoon they finished up...

and gave the buffaloes a well deserved rest. I was feeling a little sad for the hard work the buffaloes had to do, but felt a bit better when Hubby got talking to the men and we could see they actually cared for the animals. They said, 'Of cause they are tired...but they only do this once a year. The rest of the days they just spend roaming around...'

And while looking over the wall, we noticed this fellow change its colour to suite his surroundings. It was amazing.

I love living in Sri Lanka...


  1. you're really lucky indeed! :) our place is also close to some paddy fields and it's always fun to go out there and fly kites in August! :D also provides a near constant breeze that really alleviates the heat during the dry season... :)

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  3. This is fascinating! Are they using the buffalo to "till" the ground? (churn it up) Will they plant rice there?

    And I have to say, there are no loin-clothed farmers in my rural neighbourhood. Hahahaha! If any of the farmers around here turned up in a loincloth, it would make the local newspaper.

  4. Yes Knatolee, they are tilling the ground. The ground is quite muddy, when the buffaloes walk around they churn it up. They will plant rice in a few days I think. They have already planted in a few fields away. I hope I can capture it when they do and I will definitely post the pics here.

    I too was quite (pleasantly) ;o) surprised to see the loin clothed fellows because you don't expect to see that kind of thing in Colombo suburbs. I can imagine the sensation it would cause in Canada!!

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  6. PS: That's some funny comparison you've quoted. =D

    BTW the farmers here no longer wear loin clothes, even though I live in a village, and they seem to resort to shorts and short-sleeved shirts, and put on a turban or cap while working. Pretty modernized I suppose. =D

  7. Surani, I think there's no better place in the world than our country! :-) You are so lucky to be living in such lovely surroundings.