Sunday, September 6, 2009

Well...What can we say?

We've realized that our eldest is always one step ahead of us...

She was being very rude to us and Hubs gave her a time out and was made to sit on the 'naughty spot.' She was asked to think about why she was put there.

After a few minutes Hubs went to get her. 'OK, you can come out now.' Before he could preach or say anything else, H1, still sitting on the naughty spot said, 'I haven't finished thinking Thaaththi'


  1. Aww.. such a cute reply. =D

    It's sad that parents sometimes have to be strict with lil ones. I think all they crave for is a bit more attention.. if possible 24/7. Wanting to grab attention is something common for kids as much as for adults. =D