Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birth Story - Part II

So...after stitching me up, I was taken to the recovery room. I was so impatient to see my baby one more time and to be with my family, but I knew it might take a while because getting a room immediately at Durdans is close to a miracle.

After about an hour I was taken back to the labour room as there were no rooms available. I saw H1 and my sister eagerly waiting for me in the corridor. H1 was jumping up and down and asked me where Nanga was.

I was left on that darn gurney for about five hours until they found a room for us. All this time poor H1 & co. had to wait outside the corridor. Finally a nurse came and told us that a private labour room was available and that was after good 6 hours or so on that darn narrow bed.

Finally, my whole family was together and we were able to celebrate our new addition. H1 was elated and kept saying, "Don't cry Nanga, Akki is here, Akki is here." We were a little worried that she might feel jealous, but H1 was quite happy and proud to be given the role of big sister. We were also concerned about how H1 would react to the fact that she will have to sleep without both her Ammi and Thaaththi, but she accepted it quite calmly and went off with my sister without much of a fuss.

Then a few nurses came over and said they were moving me back to a cubicle. The nerve!! After all that waiting! That's when Hubs put his foot down. We had been so patient with them, without complaining like some of the other patients were doing, I guess they thought they could get away with it. Then the nurses said, 'I hope you know that this room costs more.' Hubs told them that they should realise that I had had a surgery and I should get some rest and not be moved from place to place and put into a cubicle where privacy is only obtained by having a curtain around you. After that they left us alone.

Then started the real drama. By this time I was starting feel some pain around my incision and told a nurse about it. She gave me a suppository. I waited half an hour for it to take effect...nnnhhhhnnn...nothing...then I waited an hour...mmmmmhnnnn...still nothing and the pain was getting worse. I asked Hubs to tell the nurse again. She came and gave me two Panagon tablets. Again I waited. Oh boy! Nothing seems to work.

The pain was unbearable. I remember thinking "Now I know how victims of the Cruciatus curse felt in Harry Potter (duh! I know..but I was in pain alright!) was indeed 'pain beyond pain'). And to make matters worse, my legs were acting up. What you ask? Yep, they were acting up...meaning, I sometimes suffer from something called Restless Leg Syndrome. It makes me want to move or jerk my impossible task when you've undergone surgery and is in mortal fear of moving in anyway because of the pain. The nurse came over and told me there was nothing more they can do and that the next suppository can only be given in another 6 hours.

That's when I started crying...and talking gibberish in pain. Poor hubs was made to rub my feet all night. This was when I decided that I am going to make it my life's mission to tell anyone who'd listen never to have a c-section if they can help it!

Finally around 4.00 am when I couldn't take it any longer, just to see if it would help, even if it meant more unbearable pain, I decided to get out of my bed. With the help of Hubs and two attendants, I slowly got off and walked over to the toilet. When a nurse heard that I was up, she came and took off my catheter. Boy was I glad that that horrible thing was off.

All in all it was a horrible horrible night, where I had to depend on kind strangers to change my pads, give bed pans, see me cry and all in all take care of all my embarrassing bodily functions including holding my breasts up to my baby's mouth, as I couldn't turn my body towards the baby.

After I walked about a bit, the pain did become bearable and both Hubs and I was able to catch about an hours sleep.

After that horrible night however, my recovery was OK and I was able to move about, feed the baby and even have a bath the very next day. They finally gave us a room around mid-day the next day. We were allowed to go home on the third day and it felt great to be back.

Now that it has been more than two weeks, I can fully move about with no pain and it amazes me how the human body can recover so fast. But folks I have decided that two babies is enough for way am I going through another Ceasar!!


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  3. wow.... pregnancy sure did scare me reading all this!


    Must've been tough going through all that.

    atleast you're ok now..:) I remember the shit I had to go through when I was operated for Appendicitis at the age of 14. But I'm sure that is nothing close to this!

  4. :o)...that's the beauty of nature a few years you forget all about the bad parts and only remember the parts about falling in love with your baby...and you want to do it all over again...that's why I wrote this all down so I won't forget ;o))

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  6. Oh my, you poor thing!! It's bad enough you to endure surgery, but there's no excuse for inadequate pain relief. I hope you're feeling a lot better now that you're home. Take care of yourself. Those abdominal incisions take a while to heal!

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  8. You are tagged :)