Sunday, April 18, 2010

Double the Joy

Today is such a special day. My big girl is SIX YEARS old and my little girl is EIGHT MONTHS old!

My eldest hasn't changed much from the day she was born. She is still the same drama queen. She still knows how to push my buttons. She still is a little know-it-all. She still uses her 'outside' voice more than her 'inside' voice and need constant reminders to speak softly. She still surprises us with the little gems that comes out of her mouth. She still impresses us with the way she looks at the world. She still cries more number of times a day than her baby sister. But...she has changed in little delightful ways. She has become more gentler. She has become more lady like. She douses her self in baby cream and baby cologne before going out. Just yesterday she asked me if she looks like a model while wearing the new bikini she got from Puncha for her Birthday.

It's great to see her turning out to be such an independent, confident little girl. It's a little sad to see that she has lost most of her 'baby-ness.' It's exiting to see how she is changing yet scary to visualize what lies ahead when she becomes a tween and then a teen.

But there is one constant in all love and her father's love for her, our first born...

Meanwhile our second has turned eight months and delights us in everything she does. She is such a good natured baby. Her belly laughs make everyone around her go into helpless laughter. She started crawling exactly on the day she hit seven months and there's no stopping her now. She wakes us up in the morning at exactly 5.30 am by crawling up to us, jumping over us and patting the face till the poor sleepy mummy or daddy opens their eyes. She's eating better now and seems to like her food. She takes more formula as well. She growls when she is not happy. Points with her whole body the direction in which she wants us to take her. She still loves looking at birds, butterflies, ants and leaves shaking in the wind. Give her a toy and she either tries to see if it makes a noise by shaking it like a rattle or sees if it moves by moving it up and down on the floor like toy car. She loves to blow raspberries on my tummy or my face.

It's delightful to see her changing from a helpless baby to a baby that's learning to take charge of her world. It's fun to watch the wonder in her eyes when she discovers something for the first time. It's fascinating to watch her communicate her needs by using body language.

It's so easy to fall in love with this baby...our second born...


  1. Ah, the joy of being a parent. ;)

    Happy birthday to the small one. Did you know that they say by the end of the 6th year, a child had already developed his/her complete personality? (It takes another 10 for it to come out in full force though. :D) So, the first 6 are the most vital, formulative years...