Monday, December 19, 2011

Well, Excuse Me!!

My H2 is quite a polite child. She promptly says her 'Thank you's and 'Excuse me's and 'Please.' But she refuses to say 'Sorry.' Can you believe how arrogant my two year old is? However, should one of us (mostly her Akki) manages to make a mistake, H2 would demand a 'sorry ' from us.

One day while I was playing with her she said something about "Haal" (raw rice). Thinking that she's like to play with some I took her to the kitchen and got her some rice in a small container. Apparently she DIDN'T want rice. She started crying and said very firmly, "I don't want rice. Ammi say sorry to me! Say sorry and give me a kiss!" and she thrust her cheeky cheeks at me for me to apologize!

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