Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fun with Grandma

Hooty is getting quite attached to Aththamma. Of course there are bouts of rude behaviour towards her whenever Hubby and I are around, but she is generally having a thorough time having fun with Aththamma.

I can’t imagine the amount of energy my mom-in-law seems to have. She can come down to the level of a three year old and play for hours without getting tired. I guess this is generally the case with grandmas and grandpas, as they don’t have any other things to distract them, unlike parents who have housework, jobs and various other responsibilities to juggle with.

Aththamma and Hooty would play for hours being a princess and a gypsy girl! Hooty of course being the princess and Aththamma being the gypsy girl [I have no idea how this came about ;o)]. Hooty would wear one of my night -dresses and Aththamma would wear all sorts of paraphernalia (including cloth pegs!) on her hair and ears.

Another game they’ve come up with is: Aththamma would play various musical toys while Hooty would dance till she drops. And all this is done on the common corridor of our flats. (Lord knows what the neighbours must be thinking!)

Yesterday, Hooty even refused to come home with me, but preferred to stay with Aththamma in the park, which shows the remarkable improvement on their relationship.

I really wish Hooty could have more time with both her sets of grandparents and I am counting the days that we could let her have her fill of fun with them once we go back to Sri Lanka.

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