Friday, July 27, 2007


Hub’s birthday is coming up. So, me with my big ideas, decided to surprise him. Last Thursday, I got Hooty all exited and got her to draw a couple of birthday cards for daddy boy. And I told her, “Let's surprise Thaaththi on his birthday,” and we hid the cards. Mind you, I explained as best as I could that they will be kept hidden until the actual birthday and that she can surprise Thaaththi then.

And what happened?

Hubby got back from work. Barely managed to open the door, only to be jumped on by a whirlwind of a Hooty  shouting, “Surprise Thaaththi!! I made cards for you for your Birthday!!”

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Well, that was the end of that surprise!

And you thought I’d give up?

Oh No! With hope still in my heart that I might be able to still salvage it, I went to the stationary shop down the road and bought two cards. One for me, and Hooty selected her own card. When Hubby came home, there was no mention of any card and I sighed in relief.

However, Hubby had to go down to bring bread in the evening, and he took Hooty with him. After they came home, and after the usual bedtime procedures, while lying in bed, my hubby says, “So, you bought two cards for me for my birthday as a surprise ha?” While laughing, he said this is how the conversation went;

Hooty : “Thaaththi your birthday is coming soon!”
Hubs: “Nope.” (Hubby says he just said this to avoid a "cake converstion" which he thought would take place if he said 'yes'.)
Hooty : "It is! It is coming soon. That's why Ammi got birthday cards for you. Ammi got one card and I also got one card."
Hubs: “Wow! Really? How nice!!! From where did you get the cards darling?”
Hooty : "From that shop...."

Gaaaaaaaaaaaah! How was I to know they’d end up in the same store!!

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