Friday, July 6, 2007

Hooty, Hooty Quite Contrary

Hooty has this habit of disagreeing with us when ever possible:

When offered a packet of milk from the fridge – “I want hot milky”
When we offer to give her warm milk – “No! I want cold milky”

When a pyjama is given – “I want a nighty”
When a pyjama with stripes is given – “No! I want the one with spots!”

When I offer to wash her – “I want Thaaththi to wash me”
When Hubby offers to dress her – “No! I want Ammi to dress me”

When an Apple is offered – “I want an Orange”
When an Orange is offered – “I want Orange Juice!”

When blue sandals are given to wear (if it matches what she is wearing) – “I want the pink shoes!”
When asked to tie her hair – “No! I don’t want to!”

Oooooooooh the list goes on and on and on and on and………

Now do you see how tantrums are a part of our lives. It’s all about control. Hooty hates to loose control of a situation. She always wants it her way, and when it doesn’t happen…..heaven help us!


  1. Doesnt she remind me of some one else????... let me thinkkkkkkkkk hmmmmmmmmm ohhh its none other than U Sue.... :)

  2. Ha ha ha very funny!
    Actually I do think her head-strong ways come from me :o(
    Pity she didn't inherit her father's temperament :o)

  3. Hey Surani,

    It happens with all the parents, some know how to convince the baby and some let the baby do what she/he wants.

    When it comes to me, sometimes bribe or divert the topic or sometimes comparing with other kids works. well it may not work for all.