Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcoming Grandma

Hubby’s Mom is here with us for about a month. Hooty had not seen her “Aththamma” for about a year now. We however tried to keep her memory alive by showing pictures or playing question-answer games which went something like;

Us: “Who is Thaaththi’s Mummy?”

And Hooty would shout out “Aththamma!

“Who is Ammi’s Thaaththi?”, and she would go “Kiri Aththa!”, and so on and on.

Before Aththamma arrived we got Hooty exited by reminding her everyday by exclaiming, “Guess who is coming soon! It’s going to be so much fun when Aththamma come”, etc.

So, by the time the actual day of Aththama’s arrival came, Hooty  was quite exited and looking forward to welcoming her.

Hubs and Hooty went to pick her up from the air-port and Hubby told me that Hooty ran to Aththamma and gave her a big hug (which by the way, she had been practicing for a couple of days).

And when I called to see how it had gone I heard Hooty chatting non-stop over the phone and even when she got home, she was really exited and was talking non-stop.

It’s been two days since Aththamma has been with us, and Hooty is quite pally with her. Of course, there are bouts of jealousy when Aththamma gets too chatty with me, and Hooty becomes rude.

I think I’ll have loads of Aththamma stories in the days to come. So stay tuned folks ;o)

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