Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dora the Sri Lankan

Hooty looked so exited and had twinkling eyes when she exclaimed, “Ammi, Dora is Sri Lankan!”

“Oh,” I said, taken by surprise, “how come?”

“See, she is brown, just like me. And she has brown eyes and black hair.”

A few months back Hooty was insisting that she was Indian as she has brown skin. I think all this came from that ‘Racial Harmony Day’ at school when teachers must have talked about skin colour.

If only all Sri Lankans thought we were just that – Sri Lankans -- without further dividing our selves, how nice it would be…


  1. Hey, Nethmi is right! Dora IS Sri Lankan.

    We found Sri Lankans to be wonderful people, and I hope that one day, the divisions WILL stop. I am sad for all the violence going on in your country right now. I wish Sri Lanka peace!

  2. Thanks Natolee. I think the majority of us do want to live together in peace. Keeping my fingers crossed that that day will come soon.

  3. We are Sri Lankans, that’s it and that’s all.