Monday, December 8, 2008

Hooty and her doggy pals

Unlike Knatolee and The mad cat woman, we are not fortunate enough to be surrounded by animal love (sob sob). I’ve always had a dog and a cat while growing up and I am really saddened by the fact that poor H1 has not yet had the pleasure of a furry creature to love and hold (and squeeze, kiss and give belly rubs to…sigh). We can’t get a pet right now as we are hoping to go back to Sri Lanka soon and don’t want to put the poor fellow through all the quarantining and travelling in a plane business.

So poor Hooty has to be happy with her soft toy doggy pals, who, despite being stuffed with whatever they stuff soft toys with these days, have a heart and soul. They each have their very own personalities. Max is the clever one, while Rosy is a feminine and docile creature. Chooti (meaning the little one) is the latest addition (just 2 days old), so I am not too sure of what kind of creature she is. All three were named by Hooty herself by the way.

As you can see, poor Max, who is covered in band-aids, suffers along with Hooty whenever she gets a wound. (H1 and her wounds deserve a separate blog entry unto itself.) Rosy too joins the misery ones in awhile.

Yesterday, Hooty  having leant how to put on a hair band on her own, decided to treat her doggies to new hair styles.

I think getting me... I mean her, a pet will be one of the first things we’ll do ones we get back. I think I will try a little kitten first. If Hooty proves that she is responsible pet owner, we’ll get her a puppy as well (I can’t wait..I can’t wait…)


  1. Is it a treat for Nethmi or mummy???

  2. Mummy..I mean Nethmi, Nethmi ;o)
    I miss hugging a hairy fellow ;o)

  3. u sure u miss hugging a harity fellow???? Pls. dont post this

  4. She is a mirror image o u, Sue... Hope she has not got mummy's weird sense of humor!!!

  5. I love animals too.. esp dogs.. but my mum doesn't want anymore pets in the place.. sigh... we haven't had a pet in about 8 yrs I think... sigh...

    and reading your post made me miss my childhood...:(

  6. Hey udari...u r one of the very few who thinks she looks like me...everyone says she looks like the dadda boy.

    Lady D, I know the feeling...been missing having a pet. Only compensation I have is that there are loads of cats in the neighbourhood and I get to pat them once in a while. Maybe when u move to a place of your own ha?...u can have a whole zoo ;o)

  7. I also had a pet growing up and it gave me wonderful memories. Hope your daughter gets the pet that she deserves soon! Good luck!

  8. Max's band-aids are adorable! And look at it this way: there's much less vacuuming to do with stuffed animals as opposed to real ones. :)

    Nethmi is such a cutie-pie.

  9. awww, you should get her a pet. dogs are the best. and bringing a pooch from abroad isn't too bad. my mother brought one of our fellows from a different countries. only problem is, you need someone in SL to sort out the paperwork. but i suppose you can just hold out a bit longer and get a puppster from here :)