Sunday, December 14, 2008


H1 was scratching her bum frantically sometime last week to the point that it got quite embarrassing to take her out in public.

We thought it might be hubby was promptly sent to the pharmacy to get some de-worming tablets.

H1 having being told once-upon-a-time that sometimes she might see the worms in her poo wasn't too happy with the prospect of going to the toilet.

So when the urge did arrive she refused to go and we had to sweet talk her and tell her that it's no biggie. That seems to assure her.

When she felt the need to poo again she ran to the toilet with an exited shout of, "Here comes the worms!!"

...but there were none...


  1. When Nethmi is 16, she is going to kill you for these posts! ;) But I find them very amusing!!

  2. And there I was thinking I could give the blog as a gift for her on her 16th B'day! I think I will change my mind...who wants to be dead ha?

  3. Give it to her on her 21st birthday. She might be mature enough not to kill you then! :)

    And to think all we had to worry about was bad home movies of our childhood... hee hee!