Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here comes Santa Clause

On Christmas Day H1 opened her eyes in the morning and looked around. She saw me looking at her and gave me her million dollar smile that melts my heart and whispered, “Do you think Santa came?”

I said, “I don’t know, why don’t you go and check under the tree.”
She ran to the tree and saw the present and said, “He remembered! He remembered!”

Just a few weeks back, H1 asked, “How will Santa know what I want?” and I said “Maybe if you shout out what you want he’ll hear you.” She shouted out “I want a scooter Santa!”

So that’s what Hubby…I mean Santa got her. A red scooter. She loves it.

Of cause being Buddhists we don’t do the whole nine yards of Christmas…maybe just one yard or two ;o) So H1 gets her tree and a gift from Santa every year. I think that’s the best way of creating mutual respect for everyone’s beliefs…by taking part in the celebrations in whatever small way you can.


  1. your daughter has beautiful eyes! which makes her even more adorable!:)
    those eyes... say a lot.. eyes can tell something about a person..:)

    Wish you and your family a great year too!!!

  2. Ok I am going to take the credit for those eyes ;o)...everyone says she has my eyes ;o) Thanks LD and *hugs* back.

  3. nice! my brother and i used to write letters to santa and put them under our pillows on christmas eve. and santa always obliged :) i don't think santa needs to have a religion, so good for nethmi to have folks like you. i recently met a kid who wanted a christmas tree but was refused "because we are buddhists".

    a happy new year to you too!! :-)

  4. Nethmi is so adorable, and I love her scooter. I'm glad Santa was good to her. Happy New Year to you all!

  5. Well she got what she asked :) You know what I got when I was a kid? A book. That was my dad's idea of 'present'. :(