Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nethmi the Artist - I

Even when H1 was very young, she loved to draw. I think it's inherited from me because I too love to paint and draw. So we used to let her paint from about the time she was a year old. Initially it was just finger paintings...but she graduated to brushes when she was around one and a half (about the time these pictures were taken)

Unfortunately most of these painting sessions would invariably end in something like this:

I need to dig up some of her earlier paintings and post them here for posterity's sake I think. I have posted some of her white board drawings here and here.


  1. I especially like the second-last photo: the frustrated artist! :) But in the last photo, happiness and inspiration have returned.

    You do need to post some of her paintings!

  2. heh heh..yeah...and after a while she started painting the chair as well ;o)

    I must try to find those paintings. I know i put them somewhere in a file...