Friday, March 2, 2007


When we enrolled H1 in Day Care, she had a few teething problems. (Thankfully they are all over now.) One was that she was not used to some of the food served for lunch, as she was used to Sri Lankan food and not Chinese. To entice her to eat what was served, we came up with a mean rewarding system. If she ate what was served, she would get an ice-cream.

Initially, the teacher would tell me whether she ate or not, so that if she didn't eat that day, I could feed her again when we got home. Now that it is almost 3 months since she started Day Care, H1 is used to the food and would get her ice-cream almost daily. (I want to stop this practice now, but can't figure out how to!)

But, there are still days that she doesn't eat. This is a conversation we had on such a day:

Me: "Did you have a good lunch today in school?"
Baby : "I didn't eat all the vegetables."
Me: "Oh! Why? Vegetables are good for you. How are you going to grow big and strong if you don't eat them?"
Baby : "Ammi, I don't like vegetables. Don't buy me ice-cream today OK? Buy me tomolow when I eat all my lunch OK?"

I hope this kind of honesty will last when she is in her teens!

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  1. I recomend a double scoop for honesty! Since it is more important than eating vegetables. It will last as long as we genuinely appreciate. Bit of white lies in teens and after espeacially to safe guard your friends should be ok.