Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sweet Smells

Do you remember that sweet sickly smell of Kindergarten? The smell that's a mixture of baby-talc, fruit-juice, pee, and honey? That's what H1 smells of when she comes back home from day-care. From head-to-foot she reeks of it, and I'm immediately transported back to my Kindergarten days--back to my all-time favourite teacher who used to squeeze my tummy and call me "Bandigediya" (I don't think there is an English equivalent to this--it sort of means 'one with big tummy', I think).

Do you remember how little babies smell when they are less than a year old? The smell that's a mixture of cologne, baby soap and breast milk? I miss that smell. I truly do. I used to inhale deeply when kissing my baby, just to get a full blast of that sweet smell.

Do you notice that little babies don't have bad-breath, even after a full nights sleep, even after sipping milk throughout the night? We used to wonder about that a lot, Hubby and I. But once they pass the two-year mark, babies start to smell just like us! (what a pity).

I wonder what other smells I'll start to miss as my baby grows up....

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