Monday, March 12, 2007


This blog entry is not about my kid--it's about me!

There was a parents-teachers meeting at H1's daycare last Friday, at 7.30 in the evening. As Hubby had to go to university for classes, I took H1 along with me.

There I was, walking hand-in-hand with my baby to a parents-teachers meeting, when it suddenly hit me--I am a mother!!! Anybody would think it's silly to realise that you are a mother after nearly 3 years of being one! I mean, I knew I was H1's mom all along, but that Friday evening it really hit me hard, that here I am, completely responsible for this tiny human being walking and skipping besides me. And I felt like shouting out loud, "Hey! I am a Mom everyone!!"

It was such a wonderful and scary feeling at the same time. I had flash-backs of going to school with my mother, and here I was taking my baby to school-- and me being the Mom, instead of the daughter.

Aaaaaaaaaah! Its so hard to explain how I felt, but I'm sure all mothers can relate to that. That one day you suddenly realise for sure (after existing in that role for sometime!) that you are more than just a human being! That you are a MOTHER!

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